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UTRC follows the reporting requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA). The purpose of these reports is to share the funded research results available for the transportation professionals and researchers and to publish the center’s past and future activities in the education, workforce development and technology transfer programs.

UTRC publications include a variety of reports; Project Reports, Project Briefs, Journal Articles, Quarterly Newsletters, Annual Reports, and Conference Reports. These reports can be accessed using the search tool which filters publications by the report type, publication year, principal investigator, and research topics.

Title: Building a Sense of Place in an Information Era: Accessibility, Connectivity and Travel

Author(s): Roger Chen

Publication Year: 2016

This research work examines the relationships among: (i) Sense of Place (SOP); (ii) non-motorized sustainable travel choices and accessibility; and (iii) adoption and use of information and communication technologies (ICT). A guiding principle in…

Title: Integrating Real-time GIS and Social Media for Qualitative Transportation Data Collection

Author(s): Dr. Hongmian Gong, Carsten Kessler

Publication Year: 2016

New technologies such as global positioning system, smartphone, and social media are changing the way we move around. Traditional transportation research has overwhelmingly emphasized the collection of quantitative data for modeling, without much…

Title: Heterogeneous Regional Signal Control

Author(s): Dr. Qing He

Publication Year: 2017

The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive framework with a set of models to improve multi-modal traffic signal control, by incorporating advanced floating sensor data (e.g. GPS data, etc.) and traditional fixed sensor data (e.g. loop…

Title: A Probability-Based Approach for Assessment of Roadway Safety Hardware

Author(s): Qian Wang

Publication Year: 2017

This report presents a general probability-based approach for assessment of roadway safety hardware (RSH). It was achieved using a reliability analysis method and computational techniques. With the development of high-fidelity finite element (FE…

Title: Impacts of Freight Parking Policies in Urban Areas: The Case of New York City

Author(s): Dr. José Holguín-Veras, Johanna Amaya, Jeffrey Wojtowicz

Publication Year: 2016

The research has tested several policy scenarios, and the practical implications of parking supply management is discussed. The results obtained help provide a better understanding of the need of freight parking and the policy alternatives…

Title: Quantitative Analysis of Residential Parking Intrusions by Passenger Vehicles in New York City

Author(s): Dr. Zhan Guo

Publication Year: 2017

This paper investigates the spatial patterns of residential parking intrusions in New York City, their determinants, and an estimated number and spatial patterns of induced excessive vehicle miles traveled (VMT). The paper analyzes parking…

Title: Feasibility Assessment for Battery Electric Vehicles based on Multi-Day Activity-Travel Patterns

Author(s): Jee Eun Kang, Dr. Changhyun Kwon

Publication Year: 2017

A Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) feasibility considering State Of Charge (SOC) level is assessed using multiday activity-travel patterns to overcome the limitations of using oneday activity-travel patterns. Since multi-day activity-travel…

Title: Broadband Hybrid Electromagnetic and Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Ambient Vibrations and Pneumatic Vortices Induced by Running Subway Trains

Author(s): Ya Wang

Publication Year: 2017

The airfoil-based electromagnetic energy harvester containing parallel array motion between moving coil and trajectory matching multi-pole magnets was investigated. The magnets were aligned in an alternatively magnetized formation of 6 magnets to…

Title: Major Workforce Challenges Confronting New York City Transit Industry

Author(s): Lesley Hirsch

Publication Year: 2017

The purpose of this research was to identify the pressing workforce issues confronted by transit authorities nationwide and promising ways in which they are being addressed. The study also included a closer examination of New York City Transit (…

Title: Real-Time Estimation of Transit OD Patterns and Delays Using Low Cost-Ubiquitous Advanced Technologies

Author(s): Dr. Kaan Ozbay, Dr. Neveen Shlayan, Dr. Hani Nassif

Publication Year: 2017

The main objective of this project is to develop and conduct limited testing of novel sensors using Bluetooth technology (BT) to estimate OD demands and station wait times for users of public transit stations. The NYU research team tested the…

Title: Integration of Bus Stop Counts Data with Census Data for Improving Bus Service

Author(s): Dr. Catherine T. Lawson

Publication Year: 2016

This research project produced an open source transit market data visualization and analysis tool suite, The Bus Transit Market Analyst (BTMA), which contains user-friendly GIS mapping and data analytics tools, and state-of-the-art transit demand…

Title: Characterizing and Quantifying the Shrinkage Resistance of Alkali-Activated (Cement Free) Concrete and Evaluating Potential Methods for Reducing Early-Age Cracking in Pavements and Bridges

Author(s): Dr. Sulapha Peethamparan

Publication Year: 2015

This report summarizes the findings of an experimental investigation into shrinkage, and the mitigation thereof, in alkaliactivated fly ash and slag binders and concrete. The early-age (chemical and autogenous) and later-age (drying and…

Title: Review of Asset Hierarchy Criticality Assessment and Risk Analysis Practices

Author(s): Dr. Mohsen A. Jafari

Publication Year: 2014

The MTA NYC Transit (NYCT) has begun an enterprise-wide Asset Management Improvement Program (AMIP). In 2012, NYCT developed an executive-level concept of operations that defined a new asset management framework following a systems engineering…

Title: Possibility of Sidewall Collapse of Underground Structures due to Loss of Lateral Support under Internal Blast Loading

Author(s): Dr. Huabei Liu

Publication Year: 2014

For some immersed tube tunnels, the horizontal slab contributes to the structural integrity. If a train running on the slab were subjected to an explosion, which then failed a large area of the horizontal slab, the sidewall might yield under the…

Title: The Role of Social Media in Improving the Safety and Efficiency of Traffic Operations during Non-Routine Events such as Incidents and Planned Special Events

Author(s): Dr. William "Al" Wallace, Jeffrey Wojtowicz, Dr. Xuegang (Jeff) Ban

Publication Year: 2015

Social media has become an integral part of modern communication. There is however no clear consensus among transportation managers on how social media could or should be used to collect or disseminate actionable information. To provide guidance…

Title: Integrated Incident Management System (IIMS) Web Client Application Development, Deployment and Evaluation: An Evaluation of a Potential IIMS Deployment in Western New York

Author(s): Dr. Adel W. Sadek

Publication Year: 2015

Incident Management (IM) is an area of transportation management that can significantly decrease the congestion and increase the efficiency of transportation networks in non-ideal conditions. In this study, the existing state of the Integrated…

Title: Integrated Incident Management System (IIMS) Web Client Application Development, Deployment and Evaluation: Staten Island (SI) Demonstration Project

Author(s): Dr. Elena Prassas

Publication Year: 2015

This evaluation report provides background on the development and findings. The aim of the UTRC project was to develop and deploy Portable IIMS based on Smartphone web applications. Previously, traditional IIMS was deployed in the field vehicles…

Title: A GIS-Based Performance Measurement System for Assessing Transportation Sustainability and Community Livability

Author(s): Dr. Qian Wang, Dr. Le Wang

Publication Year: 2014

Sustainability and livability in transportation, as the concepts referring to the capability of transportation systems to maintain the well being of our society, have been widely accepted as the critical principles to improve quality of life and…

Title: Metrics, Models and Data for Assessment of Resilience of Urban Infrastructure Systems

Author(s): Patricia Nelson, Ph.D.

Publication Year: 2016

This document is a summary of findings based on this research as presented in several conferences during the course of the project. The research focused on identifying the basic metrics and models that can be used to develop representations of…

Title: Innovative Travel Data Collection Recommendations

Author(s): Dr. Catherine T. Lawson

Publication Year: 2016

This study had the following objectives: 1. To identify and clarify these two emerging effects – real time data and changing culture, 2. To identify the shifts in data collection and transportation modeling that must take place to assist in…