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Project Objective:

The overall objective of this research project is to study mobile work zone safety with particular attention to the identification of work zone safety devices, information systems for the reduction of safety and congestion, and implementation of innovative techniques to reduce delays and crashes due to work zones.  The specific objectives are to:

  • Provide improvements for maximum protection of the motoring public and workers in the work zone and in the set up of the work zone,
  • Identify state-of-the art work zone technologies to improve worker safety in mobile work zone and short term maintenance operations,
  • Identify information systems for work zone traffic control to reduce delays and crashes,
  • Meet the current standards established by internal policies of the NJDOT,
  • Identify ?best practices? for the use of law enforcement to improve work zone safety,
  • Identify key issues to be considered from public outreach and information systems.
Project Abstract

The research approach will include the identification of potential technologies and information systems, evaluation of the identified devices and systems with appropriate maintenance yards and crews, and the parathion of specifications and Baseline Document Change papers for adoption by the NJDOT.  Potential technologies and information systems will be identified from the NJDOT New Technologies and Products database of approved and under evaluation products, Transportation Research Board and National Cooperative Highway Research Program reports, international sources, Strategic Highway Research Program reports, other State DOT correspondence, and manufacturers and vendors.  The identified technologies and information systems will be researched to obtain users and technical information on their effectiveness.