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Date Title Speaker(s)
- The High Cost of Free Parking Dr. Donald Shoup
- Transit Oriented Development: Transportation Solution, Real Estate Challenge Robert T. Dunphy
- The Management of Road Safety: Risk Compensation Versus the Obedient Automaton Theory of Human Behaviour John Adams, Ph.D.
- Express Bus Services: A Case Study of the San Francisco Bay Area Elizabeth Deakin
- Cars and Communities Dr. Ben Hamilton-Baillie
- The Automobile in the City: New Views of an Old Problem David Gurin
- Time Use and Travel Behavior: Modeling the Connection Ram Pendyala
- Transportation, Border Control and Homeland Security Stephen E. Flynn, Ph.D.
- Value Pricing On I-15 In San Diego: A Success Story Dr. Janusz Supernak
- Transport for London: A Discussion of Modern Transportation Governance Jay Walder
- Transportation Reform at the Crossroads: TEA-21 David Burwell
Modern Ferry Transportation in New York Arthur E. Imperatore, Jr.
- Modern Ferry Transportation in New York Arthur E. Imperatore, Jr.
- Using Archived ITS Data to Improve Transit Operations Steve Callas
- The New Transportation Professional Dr. Joseph M. Sussman
- Transportation Costs to the American Public and Land Use Patterns Sarah C. Campbell President of TransManagement, Inc.
- Globalization's Impacts on Regional Economic Competitiveness: Infrastructure and Institutional Challenges for the 21st Century Dr. Dennis A. Rondinelli Director of the Center for Global Business Research at the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
- Pricing the Emissions Savings Due to Modal Shift From Air to High Speed Rail: The Impact of TGV's on French Regional Airports Dr. Anthony Perl Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Calgary
- Alameda Corridor: A Project of National Significance Arthur Goodwin, P.E.
- Is it Time to Run U.S. Roads on a Commercial Basis? Gabriel Roth Civil Engineer & Transport Economist