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Stefan Pougatchev

Stefan Pougatchev is currently pursuing his Master's in Energy Management from New York Institute of Technology. His goal is to become proficient in understanding transportation hubs. This includes energy usage, emissions rates, and the overall environmental impact it has on the earth. His research will include collecting the necessary data and documentation including routes, usage patterns, and congestion levels for a transportation study of the Nassau Hub in Long Island, NY.

Patricio Vicuna

Mr. Patricio Vicuna studied for his B.Sc. in Statistics and Computer Science, M.Sc. in Operation Research, Advanced Diploma in Data Mining and Project Management, has been admitted into the PhD. Program in Civil Engineering in the field of Transportation at The City College of New York - CUNY (2012); his research is focused in the Development of a Decision Support Tool to Evaluate Transit Improvements Using a Metaheuristic based Model, his advisor is Professor Camille Kamga and co-advisor Dr. Kyriacos Mouskos.

Bahman Moghimi

Bahman Moghimi is a PhD student in Transportation Engineering, at City College of New York. His 9/11 program in¬ternship is with NYMTC and he will work to do a full documentation and report discussing the impact of Transit Signal Priority on travel speeds, travel time, congestion, delay, air quality and also evaluate how it can impact on the bigger scale of transportation planning in the New York Metropolitan area.

Zach Powell

Zach is currently enrolled in the graduate planning program at SUNY Albany, with a concentration in transportation. His research interests include accessibility, geo-crowdsourcing, and traffic behavior. He received a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, while working in research labs that focused on neurological responses to perception, and identifying regional patterns of alternative transportation. Currently, he is interning as a transportation program associate at the New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council.

Sofia Kyle

As a research assistant at RPI, Sofia is working on three projects related to freight. In collaboration with the Inter-American International Bank, freight routes in developing countries are being studied for their cost effect on the supply chain as well as their environmental impacts due to congestion. On this project she is in charge of using TransCAD (a GIS software) to position and analyze the routes. Closer to home, a survey is being conducted targeting carriers making deliveries to Manhattan NY in order to create a discrete choice model to model parking behavior.

Paul Rivers

Paul Rivers is enrolled in Hunter College’s M.A program in Geography with a concentration in Urban Studies. Paul intends to utilize the degree to further understand the complexities in resilience planning and urban development, and provide transitional consulting to political bodies within city governance. The program focuses on multi-disciplinary geographic theory, preparation for doctoral study, and opportunities for advanced Geographic Information Systems coursework.

Lior Melnick

Lior Melnick is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Transportation Planning and Engineering at New York University. The program stresses the design of transportation systems with an in-depth understanding of the public policies and economic forces that drive them as well as the safety of such systems and their ability to meet the public's needs. Lior received a Bachelor Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in Architecture. While pursuing his Master’s Degree, he is working part-time with VHB in New York City (formerly Eng-Wong, Taub, and Associates).

Jenny O'Connell

Jenny O’Connell is a second-year urban planning student at NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. She is in the environment, infrastructure, and transportation concentration, and is working as a researcher at the Rudin Center for Transportation. At the Rudin Center, Jenny is investigating the impact of roadway treatments (e.g., bicycle lanes, crosswalks, curb extensions, etc.) and police enforcement on pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and fatalities. Jenny is also an intern with the NYC Department of Transportation in the Research, Implementation, and Safety group.

Jamie Konkoski

Jamie is currently enrolled in the Masters in Regional Planning Program at the University at Albany. Her studies and professional work are focused on exploring the links between active transportation and health. For the last nine years she has worked at a public health agency to create and implement Complete Streets programs in small towns and rural communities in northern New York. As a graduate student she is interested in how bicycle, pedestrian and public transit needs can be better integrated into the planning process to create more equitable, health promoting transportation systems.

George Golub

George Golub is an incoming graduate student at Hunter College, where he is studying for his M.A. in Geography with a concentration in transportation. Interested broadly in themes dealing with intelligent transportation systems, “smart” vehicle technology, and changing travel patterns, George’s graduate work seeks to identify these shifting dynamics and to better understand their implications for the region.

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