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Bahman Moghimi is a PhD student in Transportation Engineering, at City College of New York. His 9/11 program in¬ternship is with NYMTC and he will work to do a full documentation and report discussing the impact of Transit Signal Priority on travel speeds, travel time, congestion, delay, air quality and also evaluate how it can impact on the bigger scale of transportation planning in the New York Metropolitan area. The overall internship process will be about surveying of the TSP projects done in NYMTC region, the TSP tactics used and how much they could reach the objective function, also studying planning tools of NYBPM, PPS-AQ and CMP and run the applications to find how these tools can potentially be used for TSP at the regional level, and furthermore, suggesting the potential scenarios to utilize the benefits of TSP in the NYBPM modeling process, performing a pilot test and prepare the final report on all of the findings.

Bahman Moghimi is a master graduate from Northeastern University in Boston where he received a Dean’s Fellowship award. He was working as a Research Assistant at Northeastern University for 2 years on the project; Self-Organizing Traffic Control and Signal Priority for Transit, prior joining to the CCNY for his PhD. His research is about actuated traffic signal control, transit signal priority, traffic simulation, data analysis, and transportation network analysis; thus far, he has published a lot of journal and conference papers in this research area.