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Press Releases

Title (PDF) Date Source (HTML)
Lessons from Hurricane Sandy for Port Resilience Click to Download
Developing Self-cleaning and Air Purifying Transportation Infrastructure Components to Minimize Environmental Impact of Transportation Click to Download
Corrosion Damage Assessment of Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures Click to Download
Financing Rail Capital Projects: Historical Lessons; Contemporary Cases Click to Download
Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Deteriorated Concrete Bridge Components Click to Download
Compressing and Querying Multiple GPS Traces for Transportation Planning Click to Download
Innovative Roadway Light Source and Dye Combinations to Improve Visibility and Reduce Environmental Impacts Click to Download
Modern Low Cost Maintenance of Concrete Bridges Using Effective NDT Test Data Click to Download
A Simulation-based Assessment Approach to Increase Safety among Senior Drivers Click to Download
Prototype Development of the Open Mode Integrated Transportation System (OMITS) Click to Download


UTRC In The News

This page lists media resources where UTRC staff or research have been quoted and/or cited.
Title (PDF) Date Source (HTML)
4 ideas the NYC subway needs to steal from other cities
Unable to Beat Them, Cabs Join Uber and Lyft in Ride Sharing
Investors see opportunity as taxi medallion prices ‘bottom out’
NYC Taxi Drivers Get New Lease on Work Life
How the city can help save yellow cabs
Councilman calls to 'level the playing field' against Uber
This time Lyft, not Uber, is accused of wage theft
The slow remaking of the taxi-medallion loan market
Cuomo’s “Upstate” Uber Bill Could Flood NYC With Illegal Ride-Hail Traffic
Report slams Uber and Lyft’s claim to benefit the community