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Project Type
Faculty-Initiated Research
Project Dates
06/01/2015 - 03/31/2017
Principal Investigators
Project Status

We propose to analyze and measure the robustness of transportation infrastructure facilities and systems. This proposal falls into the UTRC category of “faculty-initiated research projects”. It addresses a topic related to the goals of “maintaining an infrastructure transportation system in a state of good repair” to “enhance the Nation’s economic competitiveness”, which have been designated by USDOT and UTRC as key research areas.

To meet the criterion of “state of good repair”, transportation infrastructure systems must provide an adequate peak–hour, Level of Service (LOS). LOS is measured in units of traffic (vehicles or passengers), that traverse a unit distance (1 mile), per unit time (1 hour) at a minimum required speed (mile/hour) and at minimum safety level (collision rates). LOS deterioration is due to normal usage and natural depreciation in infrastructure quality, or due to impacts of rare disastrous shocks such as a major storm. From economic perspective, a decline in LOS carries significant economic costs to users in terms of increased travel times, reduced system reliability, and increased vehicle operating costs.