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Lose of vehicle's control in NY State during winter time increases transportation-related fatalities and injuries. In fact, fatalities and injuries due to icy roads are more than four times those from natural disasters at the national level. In addition to their high safety hazards, icy roads limit the growth of the economy in New York State - and other northern states - since they reduce the capacity of major highways due to slow traffic, accidents, or road closures. Further, road closures in extreme snowstorms constrain the mobility and accessibility of people, public transit, and emergency vehicles which increases the social hazards. Aiming to overcome all hazards associated with icy-roads, New York State implements various techniques for highway deicing such as (1) spreading roads with deicing salts which deteriorate pavement materials and increase the salinity of ground water streams, (2) using the extremely expensive porous asphalts for better vehicle control and faster snow and ice clearing compared to conventional pavements. Without the environmentally hazardous deicing salts or the expensive asphalt mixes, this project presents another technique to ensure ice-free surfaces in winter time.