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Project Dates
10/11/2016 - 10/31/2017
Project Status

Since September 11, 2001, the NYMTC Region has undergone profound transportation changes. These changes have impacted the Region’s infrastructure investments, the ability of the Region to sustain uniform State of Good Repair, and the ability to modernize its systems at a reasonable rate. Further, these changes occur during a period of increasing concern for resilience, attention to sustainability and a marked shift in population travel preferences. NYMTC, formed in 1982 originally addressed highway related issues, following mandates of the FHWA-UMTA joint regulations for planning. Post ISTEA, requirements for environmental compliance, needs for growth and issues of funding have shifted priorities, while keeping NYMTC as the region’s required long range and annual planner. To accomplish these shifts in responsibilities, NYMTC staff has had to address new priorities and skills. NYMTC is not unique in addressing these issues. Many MPOs throughout the U.S have been faced with similar challenges. Acknowledging these challenges, NYMTC has asked UTRC to address the following questions:

     - What is the modern mission of NYMTC and is it on mission?

     - Is NYMTC organized to meet its objectives?

     - Is the staff adequately trained to carry out its functions and functional requirements?

     - Is the NYMTC staff in tune with the NYMTC members?

     - What are opportunities to better meet the emerging needs of the next decade within NYMTC?