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Project Dates
10/30/1998 - 06/30/2000
Principal Investigators
Project Status

The New York City Department of City Planning (NYCDCP), in cooperation with the New York City Departement of transportation (NYCDOT) and Polytechnic University Urban ITS Center (UITSC) through the City University of New York Research Foundation (CUNY RF), will develop a parking information system for off-street parking facilities in New York City. The system will provide pre-trip parking information and will be based on existing and new data.

Off-street parking information will be disseminated primarily by an interactive electronic map of NYC via the Internet and/or the NY City Access kiosks. Printed maps will also be generated showing the location of off-street parking facilities with limited information for each facility. In this project, parking information will be presented in the electronic map combined with transit services (e.g. subway and bus lines, and subway stops), and major attaraction places. Before making a trip, a traveler would be able to identify teh off-street parking locations near a selected destination, and decide on the appropriate route, time, and mode of transportation to travel to his/her destination.

A feasibility analysis will be conducted to identify potential areas and parking facilities in NYC where real-time parking utilization information could be obtained and provided to the drivers via electronic roadside displays. Based on data from the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, there are approximately 2,500 parking facilities in NYC, of which 1,300 are located in Manhattan. In the future developmental phases, the electronic map proposed for this project could be adapted to combine parking information with other information related to transit servises and traffic conditions, therby providing and integrated transportation information system.

New York State and New York City are working together to include parking information in the federal ITS program of Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative for the NYC region.