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Project Dates
01/01/2013 - 01/31/2014
Principal Investigators
Project Status

The global positioning system (GPS) has been increasingly used to gather data for transportation modeling and planning. However, the potential of this emerging technology and its combined power with other technologies such as wireless telecommunications, geographical information systems (GIS), and Internet have not been fully understood and utilized.

We propose to form a GPS research cluster team to explore the use of GPS for transportation in our region and facilitate collaboration among universities, government agencies, non-for-profit organizations, and private industries. The four PIs in the project have done substantial work in using GPS for transportation modeling and planning and are well positioned to take the lead for such efforts. We propose to establish an email list, a web page, and a Facebook account as well as conducting a one-day workshop to publicize the GPS-related research in our region and facilitate productive collaboration. In the one-day workshop, the four PIs will present their research and discuss with the workshop participants the research needs on the use of GPS for transportation in our region. At the end of the project, we will provide consensus statements of the research needs, a list of the workshop participants, and a list of collaboration efforts by the GPS cluster team members. The team will seek future funding beyond the project period to sustain the collaboration developed during this project.