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Project Dates
02/01/1992 - 09/30/1994
Principal Investigators
Project Status

The immigrant population has increased markedly in the taxi workforce in urban areas throughout the U.S. necessitating language screening tests as well as longer driver training programs. The challenge of preparing new immigrants to meet the demands of passengers in a complex urban area is enormous. To help meet this challenge, this project conducted a survey of the incoming taxi workforce at the New York City Taxi Driver Institute (NYCTDI) in the first half of 1992.

The survey was patterned after earlier surveys conducted in 1984 and 1988 which allowed for a comparison of the results. Basic demographic data collected included place of birth, languages spoken, length of time in the Metropolitan area, level of education and previous work experience. Findings about students' birthplaces and languages were used to restructure the training sections on driver-passenger relations. The data were used to address cultural differences that could interfere with providing an acceptable level of passenger service.