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Project Type
UTRC Research Initiative
Project Dates
11/01/2014 - 05/31/2015
Principal Investigators
Project Status

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) wishes to identify commercially available cost-effective retrofits for existing highway lighting that reduce energy consumption while meeting AASHTO Lighting Design Guide and NYSDOT standards. To do so it is necessary to analyze existing highway lighting and identify retrofit technology that provides reduced energy use, lowers maintenance costs, and a cost/benefit ratio greater than 1 within a reasonable payback period.

The present Exhibit II document describes the tasks to be performed by the Consultant under the management of the NYSDOT Project Manager (PM) that will assist NYSDOT in the identification of suitable lighting system options that meet NYSDOT's objectives of reducing energy use and maintenance costs while meeting AASHTO and NYSDOT standards.