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Dr. Camille Kamga
Dr. Anil Yazici
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The Strategic Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Deployment Plan for New York City was last updated in 2005 by Polytechnic University of New York. The New York City region has invested significant resources on ITS deployment in the past decades. It has involved the deployment of an advanced controller (the ASTC), a wireless communication infrastructure (NYCWiN), detectors, and the overall data management system to process information and to communicate the control settings. Over the past several years, NYC has designed and implemented a master plan for a total modernization of the entire ITS infrastructure, with the design concept driven by (a) cost-effective procurement and operation, (b) attention to using and advancing national ITS standards, helping to define the state of the practice when needed, (c) development of a system capable of addressing a multi-modal environment that includes Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Transit Signal Priority (TSP), adaptive control (ACDSS) in select locations, delivering vehicular capacity while improving the pedestrian and urban environment.