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<p>The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is currently facing a significant challenge in keeping Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) at a high level of availability at the Transportation Operation Center North (TOC North) and Transportation Operation Center South (TOC South). As more and more components are added to the ITS infrastructure, system administration, system management and system operational support become very critical for TOCs. This project was initiated to review current issues facing NJDOT and investigate practices of the other states? TOCs, and report on the findings that may be helpful to the NJDOT in devising its operational support contracts for TOC North and TOC South. This report outlines the issues faced by the NJDOT in operating and maintaining ITS, and recommends an implementation plan for the maintenance and support requirements. The report makes recommendations on policy, staffing and operational support needs based on the survey results and visits of other states? TOCs, and literature review and examination of the current practices of TOCs in the country. The report provides Job specifications for the recommended positions. The NJDOT will consider these recommendations in developing next steps for the TOC operational support for TOC North and TOC South. 17.</p>

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