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The University Transportation Research Center - Region 2, supported a study entitled “Barriers to Resource Coordination for Multi-Modal Evacuation Planning.” Extreme events that require large-scale evacuation are a great concern for disaster planners and emergency managers; most state and local municipalities are ill-prepared to handle large-scale evacuations. A lesson repeatedly learned from previous disasters (such as Hurricane Katrina) is that residents without access to automobiles and residents in need of special assistance are more likely to lack the means to evacuate independently. Developing integrated plans for jurisdictions and agencies to share resources (vehicles, equipment, communication networks, drivers and other personnel) for high-capacity evacuation methods and modes is diffi cult because of insurance, liability, and other legal and contractual matters. This research examines a unique combination of elements: disaster planning, large-scale urban evacuation, and coordination of volunteer transportation professionals to increase knowledge about coordinating eff ective multi- modal evacuation for disasters.