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The main objective of this study is the assessment of the Construction Impact Analysis (CIA) and Work Zone Impact and Strategy Estimator (WISE) tools, and determining the feasibility of their customization with respect to New York City Departme nt of Transportation (NYCDOT) and New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)’s needs and requirements, cost of adoption and modification, and related issues. A comprehensive review of the current state of the practice in planning, coordinating and scheduling of work zone activities was conducted, and example tools and methodologies used by some state agencies were summarized. The research team also conducted an in-depth review of the two major computer tools developed for work zone coordination, the CIA tool by WSDOT and the WISE tool by the FHWA. The team identified the advantages and limitations of each tool and discussed the needs and requirements for NYCDOT/ NYSDOT for adopting these to be used in work zone coordination activities.