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Timon Stasko conducted an independent research project entitled “School Bus Emission Reduction in New York City.” His advisors were Dr. Oliver Gao of Cornell University and Mark Simon of NYCDOT. This project analyzed the cost effectiveness of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs), Passive Diesel Particulate Filters (PDPFs) and Active Diesel Particulate Filters (ADPFs) in reducing vehicular emissions, as well as early vehicle retirement. Due to a lack of sufficient data to accomplish the original plan to model fleet owner behavior for each of New York City’s school bus fleets, Timon developed a detailed cost effectiveness study instead. Factors influencing cost effectiveness, such as bus age and previous retrofits were examined, a sample fleet was assembled to resemble the combined New York City school bus fleet, and the potential for reducing its emissions was evaluated.


Timon Stasko is a Ph.D. candidate, studying Transportation Systems Engineering in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. He has contributed to several research projects and has submitted a report to NYSDOT to inform their diesel retrofit strategy since they are facing clean diesel regulation similar to that which was implemented in New York City. Timon was able to draw upon the knowledge gained while working on the topic in the September 11th Memorial Program. Timon’s other research projects include locating bioenergy facilities, and supply chain optimization. He also recently worked with Ithaca Carshare to assess their impacts on vehicle ownership, parking demand, and mobility. In general, his research involves the application of mathematical optimization and statistics to transportation problems, with a focus on minimizing both financial costs and emissions. After he graduates, he would like to continue to work on similar problems. Timon was awarded UTRC Student of the Year (Council of University Transportation Centers Award) at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting in January 2011.

Timon Stasko
Civil Engineering