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Shenuque Tissera is a graduate student at Hunter College, where he is studying for his M.A. in geography. He will be working under Professor Hongmian Gong while he develops his thesis on bike sharing in New York, Boston, and Washington DC. In the end, he hopes to uncover the user demographics and consumption patterns of American bike share programs. He hopes that this analysis will help with the expansion and development of American bike share programs. Shenuque’s past research on New York Citi Bike with Dr. Jonathan Peters has given him the background in the area that will allow him to connect the other bike sharing systems. Shenuque is also working with Dr. Michael Kress and Dr. Caitlyn Nichols on creating a go to high ground flood evacuation model for cars on Staten Island. Shenuque will take classes in geography, GIS, and economics to help pursue his research.

Shenuque Tissera