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Sandeep Mudigonda, received the NJDOT Research Showcase award at the 2006 NJDOT Research Showcase. Sandeep received his undergraduate degree in CEE from IIT Madras in India which is the top Civil Engineering program in India. He joined Rutgers University in 2003 and received his MS degree in the Fall of 2006 under the guidance of Professor Kaan Ozbay. He is currently a first year Ph.D. Student in the CEE program at Rutgers University. Sandeep worked on various research projects including the "Cost of Transporting People in New Jersey" funded by UTRC and NJDOT. Sandeep is the co-author of a number of papers and he will present his latest work at the 2007 TRB Annual conference that will be held in Washington D.C.

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Business Location Data Analysis and Editing Interface Tool Development New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)