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Sabiheh Faghih is a PhD student in Transportation Engineering, at City College of New York. Her in - ternship is with NYMTC and she will work closely with NYMTC Technical Group to help to identify and overcome “Challenges of Conducting Surveys for Activity-Based Travel Demand Models”. The three important surveys that are used for data collection are the Household travel survey, Establishment survey and Visitor survey. This project will focus more on identifying the resources - in¬cluding staffing, budget and sample sizes– that are required for these surveys to collect data that can be properly integrated into activity-based models. Ms. Sabiheh Faghih has received her M.S. in Transportation Engineering on January 2012 from Sharif University of Technology, and has been admitted to our Ph.D. program through an extremely competitive selection process. Ms. Faghih’s record in transportation modeling and analy - sis has been outstanding. Advanced and cutting-edge research in these areas is urgently needed to advance our knowledge on modeling traf - fic, network analysis, and travel behavior to better manage our transportation syste