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Niloufar started her PhD in civil engineering program at the City College of New York in 2014. She obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in environmental engineering in her home country Iran. Her doctoral research activity lies in the intersection of resilient infrastructure systems and data-driven environmental risk assessment. Along with her PhD studies, she worked as an adjunct lecturer at CUNY Bronx Community College. Niloufar has been involved in various data-oriented projects while working as a research scientist at NOAA-CESSRT. She has a solid background in big data analysis using Python and R.

Niloufar’s September 11th Memorial program research will be on evaluating new methods of collecting travel data and identifying how such methods can complement traditional travel surveys. She will identify potential alternative travel data sources such as cellular data and Location Based Services (LBS) and will analyze their methodology, statistical properties, strengths and limitations.