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Lerone Savage is an incoming graduate student at Hunter College where he has enrolled in the Geography Master’s program. For his graduate research project, Lerone proposes to build a framework in a Cloud Server for a transportation model for New York City under Professor Hongmain Gong’s supervision. The framework will link together several existing transportation-related research components at Hunter College. The finished model will have the capabilities to read GPS, accelerometer data, social media tweets from smartphones, combine them with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases (transportation, land use, etc.) to detect transportation modes and trip purposes, and display the results in a web site for editing or other application uses in New York City. Specifically, Mr. Savage will develop Python algorithms to utilize GPS and accelerometer data for calculating speeds, accelerations, and activity nodes in order to divide daily travel trajectories into trips, to combine various data to classify trip purposes, and to differentiate amongst travel modes such as walk, car, subway, bus, and commuter rail for each trip segment. Lerone will also link his carpool verification algorithm from his undergraduate senior thesis into the model so that it can be used for institutions in New York. The finished model can be used to estimate carbon footprint and calories-burned for the users. The model from this project holds the potential to improve the ways that mode detection and trip purpose speculation are calculated and can be used to inform people about how to change their commute in a way that helps the environment and simultaneously makes them healthier. In his Master’s program, Lerone plans to take more transportation, GIS, and computer sciences courses to provide him with the skills and theoretical background for completing the proposed research project.