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Ricardo A. Daziano joined the CEE faculty in January 2011 adding a new dimension to the area of sustainable systems engineering in both teaching and research. Thus far his research has focused on theoretical and applied econometrics of consumer behavior, specifically on discrete choice models applied to technological innovation and transportation. Daziano's specific empirical research interests include the analysis of pro-environmental preferences toward low-emission vehicles, modeling the adoption of sustainable travel behavior, estimating willingness-to-pay for renewable energy, and forecasting consumers' response to environmentally-friendly energy sources.

Dr. Ricardo A. Daziano
Ricardo A.
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
(Discrete Choice Models: Theory and Applications to Environment, Landscape, Transportation and Marketing), Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna, 2009
EAERE-FEEM-VIU European Summer School in Resources and Environmental Economics: Economics, Transport and Environment Venice International University, 2009
Ph D (Econometrics, Industrial Organization), Université Laval, 2010