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Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

Teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental science, geographic information systems, campus sustainability, and continually evolving/evaluating curriculum for the RIT Environmental Science program. Continuing research in environmental impacts of freight transport, ecological modeling, wetlands mapping, hydrologic modeling, habitat monitoring using GIS and satellite remote sensing, campus sustainability and environmental education. September, 2000 to present. Former Environmental Science Program Director (2005-11). Co-director of the Laboratory for Environmental Computing and Decision Making (LECDM) (2010-present).

Dr. Karl Korfmacher
Professor, Environmental Science
DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY, May 1996 Department of the Environment, The Graduate School, Duke University, Durham, NC
MASTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, May 1990 School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Duke University, Durham, NC
BACHELOR OF ARTS, June 1986 Carleton College, Northfield, MN