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Cristina is pursuing a Master of Urban Planning at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service. Cristina is a lawyer from Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia) with a minor in public policy and Economics and she has experience in Colombia's public sector and in consulting. She worked at the National Planning Department as an assistant to the Deputy Director for Land Use Planning and then she was an assistant to the Deputy Minister of Rural Development for strategic projects. Later, Cristina joined Steer a transport consulting firm in which she worked in several types of project that gave her a grasp of transport sector, land use planning and urban planning as a whole. Some projects in which she worked are TOD railway public transportation projects, the institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Transport, the adaptation of UK project formulation methodologies to the Latin American context, and electromobility projects in various countries in Latin-America. She’s very interested on how to mainstream the gender and inclusion perspective to transport projects to create more inclusive cities.

Cristina Mejia Cancelado