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Carla Tejada is a Ph.D. student in Transportation Engineering at the City College of New York. Before joining the City College of New York, Carla obtained a master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain from the University of Maryland at College Park and a graduate certificate in Supply Chain Management from MIT. She also spent several years in the industry in companies such as DHL Express and SONY. 

Carla’s September 11th program internship is with The New York City Department of Transportation with the Pedestrian Unit (NYCDOT). NYC is the city with the highest number of pedestrian trips in the United States. Carla’s work focuses on developing a Pedestrian Network Flow Model that will allow the Unit to identify pedestrian generators, dense walking areas, and walking trip flow within New York City. This model will provide information to the New York City Comprehensive Pedestrian Map that will help create more rationality in the decision-making process within NYC streets.

Carla’s research interest is in commercial freight logistics and planning, multimodal interactions in the urban scenario, and network modeling and optimization. Her dissertation focuses on e-commerce and the interactions that urban deliveries have with people and the urban environment.