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Through the Academic Initiative, Alexander Wolk participated as an intern in the NYCDOT Division of Planning and Sustainability and worked on a Bus Management Plan for Lower Manhattan.

Curb space is a valuable commodity throughout New York City. Lower Manhattan, a tourist and business district known for its congested streets, is no exception. With a daily influx of over a thousand MTA, commuter, intercity and tour buses, the availability of curbs for these vehicles is at a premium. With the impending opening of the World Trade Center Memorial and the gradual build-out of the East River Waterfront, competition for curb space will increase dramatically unless actions are taken to accommodate both increased demand for parking – particularly among tour bus operators – and a decreasing supply of parking due to area developments. The Bus Management Plan for Lower Manhattan included analysis on pricing strategies and payment options, procuring off-street lots, and considered broader integration challenges moving forward.


Alex noted, “The September 11th Memorial Program for Regional Transportation Planning provided an invaluable experience working at the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) while offering a rare opportunity to directly contribute to research that shed light on transportation issues related to accessing the September 11th Memorial itself, and overall parking challenges in Lower Manhattan. My time at the DOT inspired me to pursue a career in public service and to continue to work on issues of vital importance to all New Yorkers. Currently, I am a project manager at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection working on initiatives to restore the health of the city’s most polluted waterways through innovative stormwater management programs.”

Alexander Wolk
Urban Planning and Public Service