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Abraham Oyewole is currently pursuing a Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Rowan University Glassboro New Jersey. His primary research area is real-time transportation data analytics. His masters research focuses on developing reservation-based traffic network optimization (RTNO) that will combine traffic related data collected by the existing road network infrastructures with user specific data, such as social network data and GPS travel information, to solve traffic congestion. His research is co-advised by Dr. Parth Bhavsar, an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and Dr. Nidhal Bouaynaya, an Associate Professor in ECE. Dr. Nidhal Bouaynaya is the Graduate Coordinator in the ECE Department. She is very active in the field of signal processing, particularly image processing and signal optimization. Dr. Parth Bhavsar’s research interests include Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), connected vehicle technology and transportation data analytics.

Mr. Oyewole’s masters research is multidisciplinary and focuses on transportation data collection, processing and providing real-time solutions. Specifically, he will develop and evaluate a mathematical model to optimize signal timing based on information provided by users and other data sources. Furthermore, he will develop a user specific position estimation model that will be integrated with the optimization model for the overall RTNO framework. With RTNO, a road user can have accurate time-estimate for the journey, real-time safe driving tips, including road incident alerts. The final outcome of the research will be an application that gives speed recommendations to users and updates signal timing at the same time. Mr. Oyewole is looking forward to successfully complete the research and start his career in transportation.

Abraham Oyewole