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Basic Information

The George Perkins Marsh Institute (GPMI) at Clark University is dedicated to research on one of the most fundamental questions confronting humankind: What is and ought to be our relationship with nature?

Grounded in nearly a century of basic and applied research at Clark University, the George Perkins Marsh Institute (GPMI) provides national and international leadership in human dimensions of environmental change and coupled natural and human systems. The Institute is home to approximately sixty-five research faculty, staff, and graduate students, and currently maintains over $7 million in active grants and contracts. Although the historical work of the Institute emphasized human-induced changes in the biosphere, recent research has taken a broader perspective to include interactions among social, natural, institutional and technological systems. Among other facilities, offices and centers, the Institute includes the Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library, whose holdings complete one of the most extensive research collections in North America on risks, hazards and global environmental change. The Institute also houses the offices of the multi-institutional Institute for Energy and Sustainability (IES).