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2015 UTRC Transportation Technology Symposium: Innovative Mobility Solutions

This unique summit galvanized leading experts, academics, practitioners, industry stakeholders and transportation advocates, to discuss the rapidly changing and expanding world of Transportation Technology and Innovative Mobility Solutions, as well as Public Policy-Making Implications. Presenters explored Cutting-Edge Intelligent Transportation Systems, Big Data Aggregation, and Innovative Transportation Technology Solutions to promote efficiency, safety, security and sustainability goals, as well as the impact on broader inter-modal and multi-modal transportation considerations.
Future and forward thinking innovative concepts are encouraged, and the pragmatic political reality of various movements (such as climate change/environmental policies and safety initiatives for reduced traffic fatalities), were analyzed to ascertain whether society is ready to keep pace with the implementation of such technology.     
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SESSION 1 PRESENTATIONS - Innovative Solutions for Traffic Management

Ahmad Sadegh From Integrated Corridor Management to Integrated Regional Management Dallas Experience PDF
Ernest Athanailos Application of Autonomous Driving Technology to Transit NA
Andrew J. Bechtel Evaluation of Bridge Functional Obsolescence Using Congestion Performance Measures Determined from Anonymous Probe Vehicle Data PDF
Brad J. Miller &

David Liebgold
Systems Engineering for ITS Deployments From Conception to Completion PDF
SESSION 2 PRESENTATIONS - Big Data: Transportation Data Analysis
Felisa Vázquez‐Abadz The Public Bikes: Integrating information technology for a self-regulated PBS PDF
Tom Batz An Introduction to TRANSCOM's DFE/Spatial Data Analysis Tool  PDF
Reuben Juster Apples to Apples: Measuring the Performance of Transit and Roadways Equivalently PDF
Bo Du Temporal and Spatial Freeway Work Zone Delay Estimation Using Probe-vehicle Data PDF
SESSION 3 PRESENTATIONS - GPS/Smartphone Technology Applications
Candace Brakewood Using Mobile Ticketing Data to Estimate an Origin-Destination Matrix for New York City Ferry Service PDF
Michalis Xyntarakis Quantifying Bus Performance – A Comparison Between GPS Bus Trajectories and Schedule Data PDF
Mario Giampieri Integrating Real-time GIS and Social Media for Qualitative Transportation Data Collection PDF
Lerone Savage Using Smartphone Data for Travel Mode Detection in New York City  
SESSION 4 PRESENTATIONS - Safety & Mobility Data
Kaan Ozbay Development of An Overall Experimental and Theoretical Methodology for Video-Based Safety Assessment PDF
Patricia Ott, Jennifer Buison, and Michael O'Connell New Jersey’s Red Light Running Program: Case Study-Newark PDF
Jonathan Figueroa & Amit Bhowmick Technology Application in Safe and Secure Operation of Ferry Transportation in the New York Harbor PDF
SESSION 5 PRESENTATIONS - Vehicle Technology Applications
Yunfei Hou Towards Cooperative Vehicle and Intersection Control: An Energy Efficient Approach PDF
Jonathan Voris Selective Sensing for Transportation Safety PDF
Kaan Ozbay Evaluating Mobility Applications using BSM Data Emulator PDF (NA)
SESSION 6 PRESENTATIONS - Transportation Simulation, Modeling & Analysis
Andrew W. Smyth Application of trajectory cluster analysis to the management of road networks NA
Hong Yang & Zhengyu Wang Sparse GPS Trajectory Data Compression and Recovery based on Compressed Sensing PDF
Huajing Shi A GPS Data Processing Method For Truck Activity Analysis PDF
Xintao Liu City monitoring with travel demand “momentum” vector fields: theoretical and empirical findings PDF
SESSION 7 PRESENTATIONS - Security & Privacy
Laura Riegel Using GTFS-real-time Data to Measure Transit Performance PDF
Rae Zimmerman & Quanyan Zhu Overcoming Cyber Threats to Transportation Vehicles and Roadway Infrastructure NA
NYunfei Hou Overview of the Transportation Secure Data Center ( PDF
SESSION 8 PRESENTATIONS - For‐Hire Ground Transportation Technology Developments
Ephraim Dror DataTrack247 PDF
Tarek Mallah Karhoo NA
Amos Tamam Verifone PDF

Brendan Riley BYD NA
University Transportation Research Center (UTRC)
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)
International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR)
Windelx Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP
New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)
New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC)
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