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Hani S. Mahmassani, Ph.D.

Congestion pricing is the phrase of the minute in New York. Behind congestion pricing are the claims of many that new technologies enable this elusive management tool to finally be applied. But there is much analysis and application that go from real time data collection to time of day or capacity based pricing. This talk will highlight developments and tools in technology, methodology and operational concepts for an integrated management approach to our road networks. The objectives for developing and applying these tools are to reduce congestion and improve environmental quality. These developments will allow our existing infrastructure to deliver significantly higher throughput than under previously designed operations. The procedures and processes for effective deployment of these new technologies have, to date, been inadequate, and suffer from lack of corresponding decision technologies .

The presentation will propose effective algorithms based on predictions derived from sensors and data from current conditions. The seminar makes the case for the role of pricing and real-time information, in conjunction with advanced traffic control measures, in the management of transportation networks and delivery of transportation services. It discusses methodological implications and approaches for both off-line evaluation of these strategies as well as real-time operational decision-making in this context. Developments in dynamic network modeling tools will be discussed, with particular focus on new methods to evaluate the impact of congestion pricing in networks with heterogeneous users. Models of user route choice and trip timing decisions in response to pricing, information and travel time reliability are incorporated in simulation-based dynamic assignment algorithms. The role of pricing as a real-time management tool, in conjunction with information supply will be discussed, along with strategies for anticipatory pricing in conjunction with online network state prediction tools.

About the Speaker(s)

Dr. Hani S. Mahmassani joined Northwestern University as the William A. Patterson Distinguished Chair in Transportation in September 2007, with joint appointments in the McCormick School of Engineering and the Kellogg School of Management. He was previously the Charles Irish Sr. Chaired Professor in Transportation Engineering and Director of the Maryland Transportation Initiative at the University of Maryland. Before that, he served for 20 years on the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin. He received his PhD from MIT and MS from Purdue.

Dr. Mahmassani has over 29 years of professional, academic and research experience in the areas of multimodal transportation planning and network modeling, travel behavior analysis, intelligent transportation systems, system vulnerability and security applications, integrated systems management, and freight systems analysis. He has served as Principal Investigator on over 110 research projects funded by national and international agencies, and published over 250 articles in journals and conference proceedings.

Dr. Mahmassani is Editor-in-Chief of Transportation Science, and Associate Editor of Transportation Research C (Emerging Technologies), and the IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. He serves on several NAS and NRC committees and panels, and is a member of steering committee of ITS America Forum for academia and consultants as well as a former Coordinating Board Member, ITS America. He serves as evaluator and advisor to various university research and academic entities, national research institutes, government research programs, and corporate R&D units. He is a consultant to several companies and government agencies in the areas of intelligent transportation systems, transportation network modeling and simulation, policy analysis, strategic systems planning, operations and logistics.