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Robert D. Ervin

Speaker: Robert D. Ervin, Head of Engineering Research, The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and Co-Director, Michigan IVHS Program

The concept of Intelligent Vehicle Highway System (IVHS) spans essentially the entire range of functions by which advanced electronics systems will impact highway transportation. While some transportation agencies may see promise in IVHS for addressing highway problems, many of these ideas require that multiple regional jurisdictions, supporting industries, and, of course the consumer, buy into the solutions that IVHS will present.

Bob Ervin, who is Head of Engineering Research at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and Co-Director of the Michigan IVHS Program, will discuss information-based systems that facilitate travel in real-time, systems that give active-safety backup to drivers, and finally, automated highways, in his presentation of the issues critical to the advancement of IVHS.

The University of Michigan IVHS Program is one of the leading IVHS programs in the U.S.