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Bernard Fauveau

Speaker: Bernard Fauveau, Member of Conseil Général des ponts et Chaussées

The French have been avid innovators in modern infrastructure. Whether subways in Paris or Lyon, Ie Tres Grand Vitesse, or modernization of motorways, there is always much for us to learn and appreciate. France sits at the heart of the European Economic Community, a community for whom modernization of infrastructure is synonymous with economic growth necessary for meeting international markets. As a result, many innovations in roadway policy, design and operation are taking place in Europe, particularly in France. This seminar will start with a general presentation of the French road network and its relation to the European road network overall. Then we will take a close look at the French toll motorway system and the current state of practice in road construction and maintenance.

Innovations in various areas, including pavement, landscaping, regional development, and the use of traffic tunnels in high density urban areas will be examined. Modern traffic management tools for the Paris region, and the development of automatic toll collection and road information systems within the European context will also be considered.

Bernard Fauveau is a member of the Conseil General des Ponts et Chaussees, which acts as advisor to the Minister of Transport. Mr. Fauveau chairs the commission formed to launch the use of traffic tunnels in Paris and to oversee their design and construction by private firms. He is also secretary of PIARC, World Road Association, the aim of which is to promote progress in the design, construction, maintenance and management of roads and traffic within the context of general transport policies. Membership in PIARC (Permanent International Association of World Congress) includes more than 80 national governments, with the FHWA, AASHTO and TRB representing the United States. Bernard Fauveau has also served as head of SETRA - the road engineering service of the French Road Administration - for the last seven years.