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Event date and time

UTRC organized a half day Car-Free Day symposium on April 12th, 2017 at the New York Institute of Technology, entitled, A Panel Discussion on Steps towards a Sustainable Transportation Future in NYC. Dr. Nada Anid; Dean, School of Engineering and Computing Sciences at the New York Institute of Technology welcomed the attendees and introduced the keynote speaker; Honorable Ydanis Rodriguez, Transportation Committee Chair. CM Rodriguez addressed a three pronged plan to address congestion caused by truck deliveries:

  1. The legalization of E-Bikes in New York State, with the intention to use e-bikes to transport goods, packages and more, as is being done in cities such as Portland, Oregon.
  2. Distribution centers should be located outside of NYC, where delivery bikes can be dispatched from, instead of trucks traversing the city.
  3. If goods are to be delivered by truck, they should be delivered between 7pm and 7am, to avoid rush hour on city streets.

The full text of the CM Rodriguez’s full speech can be found here: The symposium was very well attended and represented by various transportation experts.

The event was organized as part of the countdown to Car Free Day on Earth Day this year.