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Basic Information

We are the institution of choice for 3,000 enterprising, high-ability students pursuing degrees in 50+ rigorous academic programs of study.  Our faculty are on the leading edge of research of international relevance and we offer focused graduate programs in select disciplines, however, our primary mission is undergraduate education.  Across the institution, faculty and students develop close, mentoring relationships and make lifelong connections that guide career success.

Located in the northern Adirondacks in the college town of Potsdam, Clarkson stands out among America’s private, nationally ranked research institutions because of its dynamic collaborative learning environment, innovative degree and research programs, and unmatched track record for producing leaders and innovators.

At Clarkson, we know that new technologies, emerging fields and expanding career opportunities require new approaches to learning. That’s why our students are grounded in the fundamentals but also learn how to successfully manage the unique challenges of today’s complex world.