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Passenger Transportation

Feasibility of employee shuttles for equitable mobility and improved housing options for low- and middle-income employees: A Case for Stony Brook University Campus

The objective of this project is to assess the feasibility of an employee shuttle for Stony Brook University (SBU) campus employees to reduce car dependency and to expand employee access to more affordable housing choices. The ultimate aim of the project is to develop a demand responsive employee shuttle pilot through an online mobility platform for work-home commute, complemented by on-demand service for noncommute trips (e.g., grocery) and carpool matching.

Business Location Data Analysis and Editing Interface Tool Development

One of the most important aspects of transportation planning is understanding employment information of businesses and organizations. Information such as location of employment, size of organization or business in terms of employees, sales, can provide valuable input to understanding travel patterns and human activities. Visualizing this information along with several administrative, transportation and infrastructure facilities provides key contextual information to transportation planning agencies.

Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Mixtures Statewide

Currently, asphalt mixtures are design using volumetric concepts to determine optimum asphalt content levels with no means of verifying mixture performance prior to field production and placement. A new design methodology called Balanced Mixture Design (BMD) promotes the use of evaluating and design asphalt mixture using rutting and fatigue cracking methods and criteria to achieve an optimum asphalt content that will result in an asphalt mixture performing well in rutting and fatigue cracking scenarios – thereby “balancing” the asphalt mixture performance.

Dr. Jess W. Everett

Dr. Everett is a Professor of Environmental Engineering in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at Rowan University. He teaches Engineering Clinic, Civil Engineering Systems, Engineering Graphics, Sustainable Civil & Environmental Engineering, and upper level Environmental Electives. His research interests are in Sustainable Design, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Site Remediation, and Education Innovation. Dr. Everett has been at Rowan since Fall 1998. Before that he was an Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma.

New York City Park and Ride Study

In the United States and Canada, park and ride (P&R) facilities have existed in one form or the other since mid-1920s. More recent public investment in P&R facilities is mainly a response to increasing global oil prices and an initiative by DOTs to provide alternative transportation services (facilitate the use of mass transit systems in particular). With the emergence of new technologies, innovative public-private partnerships and the need for ‘green transportation’, the role of P&R facilities is rapidly changing.

The Cost of Transporting People in New Jersey, Phase 1

Project publications may be ordered by contacting Dr. Ellen Thorson.

Project Summary

This project is concerned with the assessment of the generalized costs of passenger transportation in New Jersey and the application of these cost estimates to policy decisions.

The first objective will be to develop a generic cost model that will estimate the generalized economic costs of various modes of passenger transportation.

Transit Oriented Development Benefits of New Transit Service: The River LINE

NJ Transit's River LINE opened in March 2004, providing daily one-seat light rail service between Trenton and Camden. The 34-mile line roughly parallels Route 130 and makes 20 station stops in 13 communities in Camden, Burlington, and Mercer Counties. One of the major stated objectives of the River Line was to stimulate smart, locally embraced development and with it economic growth that is supportive of transit along the corridor. NJ Transit is interested in understanding the degree to which the new light rail line has been a catalyst for new development in the area.

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