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Barricade Lighting System

<p>Barricade warning lights have been used for many years at construction sites to indicate to drivers that caution is needed. A benefit of these warning lights is that they are widely recognized and understood, but a downside is that &quot;caution&quot; is the only message that they are able to communicate. Drivers may not know what action should be taken until additional information is available, or it is too late.

Accelerated Degradation of Recycled Plastic Piling in Aggressive Soils

<p>Fiber-reinforced polymer composites represent an alternative construction material without many of the performance disadvantages of traditional materials. The use of fiber-reinforced polymer as a pile material can eliminate deterioration problems of conventional piling materials in waterfront environments and aggressive soils. This paper presents the preliminary results of an experimental study conducted to assess the durability of piling made of recycled plastics in aggressive soils for long-term usage in civil infrastructure applications.

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