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Through the Academic Initiative, Richard Barone worked with Munnesh Patel and Kuo-Ann Chiao of NYMTC’s Technical Group to develop a five part strategy to formalize data management practices at NYMTC. He analyzed data handling practices and developed recommendations for improvements. The end-goal of this project was to develop a regional transportation data repository that could be used by agencies, civic groups and citizens.

Richard examined various data needs and issues associated with the use of these data for NYMTC’s planning processes and developed strategies to improve its data handling capabilities. His paper addressed data management concerns by reviewing and critically evaluating NYMTC’s data practices, while taking into consideration the additional data collection and visualization requirements that had been set forth by federal regulations and developing a long-term strategy to utilize state-of-theart tools and emerging technology.

Richard also examined NYMTC’s website and suggested the use of various emerging technologies and ways to improve accessibility and organization of information within the website.


After completing the September 11th Memorial Program in 2007, Richard Barone began working for Regional Plan Association (RPA) as a research and policy planner for transportation. 19 His work at RPA has been multi-modal, spanning urban transit systems, highways (specifically goods movement), seaports and airports. Richard’s primary task has included multi-year research assignments to plan for the infrastructure needs of the region, and then engaging in advocacy to promote recommendations. Over the years, Richard has also acted as facilitator at numerous working sessions with the public on transportation projects and other planning topics. He recently co-authored “Upgrading to World Class: The Future of the New York Region’s Airports,” which included forecasting future demand for the New York-New Jersey airport system, researching various options to increase airport capacity and/or manage demand, and then recommending what must be done to accommodate the projected growth in air travel. He has remained connected to UTRC, particularly as a member of the team studying multimodal goods movement on the I-278 Corridor. Richard recently became the Director of Transportation Programs at RPA.

Richard Barone
Urban Planning